Investment Management Philosophy

We are committed to helping you grow and preserve your wealth by designing diversified investment portfolios to meet your unique investment objectives. Our investment management philosophy includes the following tenants:
  1. We believe in tactical asset allocation (as opposed to buy-and-hold).
  2. We employ both active and passive security selection with no dogma.
  3. Our investment universe includes both traditional (stocks and bonds) and alternative investments.
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We don’t utilize cookie cutter or black box approaches. Instead, we combine proprietary and pooled investment strategies to create portfolios which are designed to perform in a variety of market environments.

In addition to individuals, families, and institutions, our proprietary strategies are also offered to select financial advisors and their clients.

Since our founding, we have developed and enhanced strategies which tactically invest in equities and fixed income.

These strategies generally seek to remain invested when markets are rising and move to the sidelines by raising cash or investing in defensive positions when markets lose their upward trajectory.

In addition, we seek to allocate to those areas of the market which are working best and avoid those which are performing poorly.

While we have expertise in particular areas of the market and with certain strategies, we also find it important to draw on the expertise of outside managers.

Passive and active pooled strategies are used to meet client needs and provide for greater diversification.

Where appropriate, we utilize alternative vehicles including both liquid and illiquid investments as a means of diversifying client portfolios and reducing risk.

Liquid strategies include long/short equity, market neutral, merger arbitrage, and managed futures.

Illiquid strategies include private equity, private debt, private real estate, and life settlements.

A number of our proprietary strategies are offered to select financial advisors and their clients.

Republic Wealth Advisors claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).  Republic Wealth Advisors is an independent registered investment adviser.  To obtain a compliant presentation and/or a list of composite descriptions, please contact 866-453-6565.