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Long-term Care Coverage in 2018: Traditional versus Guaranteed Options

When appropriate, we work to shepherd Republic clients through a wide array of wealth management solutions. As part of this process we assist individuals and families in finding honest, respected, and trustworthy advisors to help fulfill their specific needs and objectives. Over the years, we have found that one of the primary needs for many of our clients is to explore their insurance options including life, long-term care, and disability coverage.

Recently, the traditional long-term care (LTC) space has faced its’ share of challenges, resulting in the total number of insurance companies offering LTC solutions to drop from 200 to 11 in the past 10 years. These pressures have led to the creation of numerous alternative solutions. For advisors and their clients to determine which of these products are best, they must understand their options and the intricacies associated with each.

Republic is fortunate enough to partner with Michael O’Donnel of Estate Partners, LLC to aid our clients in this complex process. Mr. O’Donnel is a recognized speaker and leader in his industry who specializes in customized life insurance and estate transfer solutions. He served on the Forum 400’s Board of Directors for 7 years, served as President in 2010 and Chairman of the Board in 2011.

Mr. O’Donnel has prepared the following white paper which further discusses the LTC coverage environment today: