Wealth Management

In addition to investment management, Republic Wealth Advisors also offers a full range of wealth management solutions that can be customized to your specific needs and objectives to the extent specifically requested. From insurance analysis and retirement planning to risk management and charitable giving, Republic Wealth Advisors remains available to view your assets from all angles and work with you to design a wealth management strategy that helps you plan to attain your desired financial future.

Managed Products
Republic Wealth Advisors has the ability to manage your needs for diversification, tax efficiency, and more, providing you a one-stop resource to oversee all of your management and portfolio customization needs.

Investment Management & Income Planning
Republic Wealth Advisors understands that a high-net-worth investor's portfolio faces the risk of estate taxes and investment uncertainty, among others. To the extent specifically requested, Republic Wealth Advisors remains available to work with your estate attorney and you to develop and implement structures like annuities and trusts that provide the greatest return and protect your income and assets.

Tax, Estate & Retirement Planning
Today there is an array of retirement investment options to suit either an individual or a business, and Republic Wealth Advisors has the knowledge and experience to construct and manage the right combination of retirement, investment, and savings options to meet your needs. In addition, we remain avaialble to work with you to identify professionals in the tax and estate areas to best serve your situation if specifically requested.

Wealth Preservation & Risk Management
Republic Wealth Advisors has the most up-to-date software and planning resources to design an appropriate investment strategy for you. We understand that your investments represent your life and opportunities for the future, including college savings/529 plans and others. Republic Wealth Advisors provides you many options to ensure you feel comfortable about your financial decisions.

Charitable Giving Solutions
A growing trend, charitable giving provides a unique way to achieve your charitable goals and receiving beneficial tax treatment. Republic Wealth Advisors’s charitable giving solutions include gift funds, pooled income funds, and the ability to establish and manage a private foundation—should you elect to implement one.

Insurance Analysis & Solutions
If you are looking to strengthen your investment plan to provide for your family in the future, life insurance may be a wise and viable option. With the right policy, you can transfer accumulated wealth into your investment portfolio, creating additional financial security for yourself and your family. To the extent specifically requested, Republic Wealth Advisors will work with you and our insurance partners to evaluate your insurance options and establish the appropriate investment solution for you. 


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