Republic Wealth SmartView Client Portal

The state-of-the-art Republic Wealth SmartView Client Portal is a web-based application that allows you to see all your financial accounts, regardless of custodian or advisor – all on one page. Accessed using an Internet browser, this web-based utility allows you to gain access to the information you need– all in an easy-to-use online application.

The Republic Wealth Client Portal is updated on a daily basis with complete information: holdings, transactions, prices, balances, capital flows, and performance intervals. You can actually create up-to-date performance reports for any time periods desired.

The system also generates quarterly reports in an electronic format with email notification of availability. We have the ability to post documents and messages to you and there is even a platform for you to send correspondence and other documents back to Republic Wealth – all in a secure interface. The system will send you an email alert when a new document or message is posted to your portal. All of these features allow us to enhance our communication with you.

Each time you log on to the system, you will see the dashboard for all your accounts. From the dashboard, you can easily drill down to additional detail reports including:

  • Account performance with graphs
  • Asset allocation
  • Capital flows
  • Holdings
  • Income & expenses
  • Bond maturity schedule
  • Realized gain/losses
  • Unrealized gain/losses
  • Transactions

Another exciting feature of this service is the ability to add a secondary online view for an authorized individual such as a spouse, CPA, estate attorney, or a trusted affiliate.

Reporting & Monitoring Service On Non-Custodial Accounts
We offer the ability to aggregate and report on assets not held with our primary custodians, Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade, and Charles Schwab. Examples include an account you hold at Vanguard or your spouse’s 401(k) assets held at another financial institution.

This service brings those assets into your personal dashboard and provides you all the online reports covered above. Accordingly, you now have the ability to view summary and detail reporting across all financial institutions that you currently have to aggregate on a manual basis. Most likely you are doing some form of this account tracking either mentally, manually, or via spreadsheet aggregation on a periodic basis. This new dynamic service provides real-time aggregation of all financial assets, in detail, in one secure place.

Note that if investment assets are not part of the assets managed by Republic Wealth Advisors ("excluded assets"), the client and/or his/her/its other advisors that maintain trading authority, and not Republic Wealth Advisors, shall be exclusively responsible for the investment performance of these excluded assets.

We implement the reporting & monitoring service using a “virtual” custodian that goes out to most major financial institutions and pulls information with your approval for reporting. For example, in our initial tests of this service, one user had assets at six different financial institutions. With the RWA Client Portal and held-away asset reporting service, this client can log on to the portal and see all accounts and access all of the detailed reports – a very powerful tool!

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