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Founded in 2001, Republic Wealth Advisors is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm. We primarily offer actively managed investment management services to affluent and high-net-worth individuals and institutions helping them to make smart investment decisions. Based in Austin, TX, Republic Wealth Advisors works with individuals, trusts, retirement plans, and corporations—both locally in Texas and across the United States.

Our advisors bring nearly years of investment expertise with active management strategies. Because we believe markets are not always efficient, our investment philosophy is the opposite of “buy and hold.” We use technical analysis known as trend following which focuses on price movement instead of predictions or forecasts. We attempt to deliver competitive investment performance and an unmatched level of personalized service, creating an overwhelming value.

A fee-only investment advisor, we are known for our:

  • Experience in dynamic asset allocation, sector rotation, and alternative investment strategies
  • Independence with a fiduciary responsibility to always act in our client’s best interest
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Ability to enhance client value using leading technology like our Republic Wealth SmartView Client Portal and account aggregation services
  • National media recognition, with our advisors appearing in print and television media, including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox Business, and CNNMoney.com

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