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Participating advisor, Kenny Landgraf, notes the continued troubles in Europe, as Europe continues to burn and the world stands around.  He predicts a European TARP will be needed to keep the Euro-zone together.
Republic Wealth Advisors was named to the NABCAP Top Financial Advisors, Wealth Management List.
Participating advisor, Kenny Landgraf, comments  on the difficult market conditions which make it impossible to make a fundamental investment decision.
Guest writer Pat Moore discusses the economic outlook in a column entitled "Recession Storm Inevitable".   In the article, he notes that the U.S. economy will get worse before it gets better and the market is telling us we're standing in the path of a nasty storm.
  CNN Money - August 7, 2011
In a preview of the week ahead, Portfolio Manager David Levy remarks that there's a "crisis of confidence" going on both in the U.S. and in Europe.

Kenny Landgraf provides insight into the negotiations on raising the debt ceiling, stating it is going to come down to the wire - it just comes down to who is going to blink first.
Participating advisor, Kenny Landgraf, notes that his sense is that it will continue to be rough trading until we get into the fall. 

David Levy comments on the day's two strong jobs-related economic reports.
Kenny Landgraf discusses new IRS cost basis regulations which went into effect starting in January of 2011.
Participating advisor, Kenny Landgraf, comments on his expectations for the market over the summer, noting it will continue to be a tough ride for the summer, but seasonal forces will bring investors back in the fall.

Portfolio Manager David Levy comments on the situation in Greece and the end of QE2 by the Federal Reserve.

David Levy comments on how the news of S&P's downgrade of Greece coupled with the negative market sentiment caused the market to close little changed.

In a preview of the week ahead, David Levy notes that in a week light on economic data, any news out of Europe could lead to increased market volatility. 

Portfolio Manager David Levy comments on the lackluster economic reports, noting that they have done little to inspire confidence in the market.
Kenny Landgraf comments on the dog days of summer, noting the historical doldfrums of summer will probably keep the equity markets from doing much.  He advises it would be prudent to show more caution and lighten up on riskier assets until the fall.
Participating advisor, Kenny Landgraf, notes the historical doldrums of summer will probably keep the equity markets from doing much.  He suggest it would be prudent to show more caution and lighten up on the riskier assets until the fall. 
Participating advisor, Kenny Landgraf, makes the case for equities and commodities in a rising interest rate environment.

Andrew Gluck visits with various advisors including Kenny Landgraf in which they describe the creative plans they have grow their businesses.

CNN Money - December 24, 2012

CNN Money quotes David Levy, who says light holiday trading also brings the chance of exaggerated movements.


Taipei Times - December 23, 2012

Budget anxiety could not keep U.S. markets from ending the week with a gain, Republic Wealth portfolio manager David Levy said in a Taipei Times news story.


Yahoo Singapore - December 22, 2012

Republic Wealth portfolio manager David Levy comments on light year-end volume for U.S. markets.

news-au-logo - December 22, 2012

David Levy, quoted on one of Australia's top news sites, says investors have closed the books on a generally good year and trading will likely remain slow as 2012 winds down.


 CNN Money - December 16, 2012

CNN Money turns to Republic Wealth founder Kenny Landgraf as the "Fiscal Cliff" looms ahead of year-end markets.


 Le Huffington Post Quebec - December 4, 2012

Republic Wealth portfolio manager David Levy tells French-language media both sides are hardening their positions in U.S. "fiscal cliff" negotiations.


Yahoo France - November 7, 2012

Yahoo turns to Republic Wealth's David Levy for analysis of the U.S election impact on global markets.

Market Watch  

 MarketWatch - October 29, 2012

MarketWatch quotes Kenny Landgraf on market trends and the latest Rydex Advisor Benchmarking survey.


 CNN Money - October 25, 2012

Republic Wealth's David Levy says weak corporate earnings are keeping stocks in a rut.

Republic Wealth logo web  

 Republic Wealth - October 18, 2012

Republic Wealth announces the firm has reached $100 million in assets under management.  

 LePoint - October 4, 2012

David Levy says investors found comfort in ECB chief Mario Draghi's recent comments that he is ready to act if necessary.


Rydex AdvisorBenchmarking – September 24, 2012

Kenny Landgraf remarks quantitative easing helped create a summer rally, but markets still face headwinds from Europe and the election. Uncertainty about tax policy is a particular problem.


La Croix – September 10, 2012

Portfolio Manager David Levy notes the market is now waiting on the Fed after reaching its highest level since late 2007.  He also discusses the negative market impact of  Apple's 5% weighting in the S&P 500.


La Croix – September 4, 2012

David Levy talks to the AFP about the days action, commenting that the market is anticipating Friday's employment report for the month of August.



Rydex AdvisorBenchmarking - April 24, 2012

Kenny Landgraf comments that seasonal trends will keep a ceiling on the equity markets until we get closer to the fall and the presidential election.


The Wall Street Journal - March 27, 2012

Kenny Landgraf comments on concentrated holdings in Apple, noting its hard for clients to decide how much is too much. He recommends holding no more than 10% of any one security in a client's portfolio.


SmartMoney Magazine - March 23, 2012

Kenny Landgraf suggests that in a period where financial advisors were seeking diversification form stock and bond markets, currency investing was supposed to be "something else"

David Levy comments on the day's market action, noting that it seems the market is taking a breather and waiting for its next catalyst after the strong run we've had.
CNN Money - January 9, 2012
As the market enters earnings season, Portfolio Manager David Levy questions whether earnings or news in Europe will serve as a market driver.
MSN News  
PDF MSN News - December 27, 2013
Wire service quotes on U.S. stock market action along with fixed income trends, economy and holiday retail numbers.
PDF Trading Room - December 14, 2013
David Levy says U.S. markets are in wait-and-see mode ahead of next week's Federal Reserve policy meeting and possible taper action.
The Wall Street Shuffle - November 30, 2013
Kenny Landgraf appears on DFW 1190 AM radio program with Dan Stewart. Topics include sector rotation, high yield bonds and investment strategies.
Yahoo News - November 21, 2013
Yahoo News quotes David Levy on Dow Jones Industrial Average crossing 16,000 point level. .
Global Post - November 4, 2013
David Levy quote on U.S. employment data and Federal Reserve policy.
Yahoo Finance Singapore - November 2, 2013
David Levy comments on U.S. market activity.
Taipei Times - September 21, 2013
Kenny Landgraf comments on U.S. markets and budget crisis featured in Taiwan newspaper.
sky news  
Sky News - August 31, 2013
Australian news site quotes David Levy on U.S. stock market "buyer's strike."
Advisor Insight - August 13, 2013
Jefferson National Life advisor case study featuring Republic Wealth's innovative use of the Monument Advisor variable annuity combined with ByAllAccounts aggregation technology.
La Vie Eco - August 10, 2013
French-language news service quotes Kenny Landgraf on U.S. unemployment rate and possible Federal Reserve action.
news-au-logo - August 8, 2013
David Levy tells Australian news site U.S. markets are taking a breather.
Pak Business Recorder masthead  
Business Recorder - July 27, 2013
Pakistan financial daily quotes David Levy on resilience of U.S. equities.
Global Post - July 25, 2013
Kenny Landgraf quoted on Nasdaq market strength.
sky news  
Sky News - July 17, 2013
David Levy quoted in Australian news site (via AFP) as U.S. equity market reaches new high.
Global Post - June 11, 2013
Internet news site quotes Republic Wealth portfolio manager David Levy on U.S. market developments.
Financial Planning - May 21, 2013
Leading investment advisor trade publication reports Kenny Landgraf's comments at Envestnet Advisor Summit succession planning panel in Chicago.
Breitbart - May 7, 2013
U.S. news site quotes David Levy as the Dow Jones Industrial Average marks its first-ever close above 15,000.
Business Times - May 7, 2013
English-language Malaysian newspaper turns to Republic Wealth for comment on U.S. stock market trends.
Economic Times - April 5, 2013
A business newspaper from India quotes David Levy on U.S. market activity. 
Bloomberg Businessweek - April 4, 2013
The top U.S. business weekly featured David Levy's analysis in its daily market wrap-up. 

Jakarta Globe - February 28, 2013

A top Asian newspaper turned to Republic Wealth and David Levy for comment on the impending U.S. government budget sequester and its impact on world markets.  

LePoint - January 28, 2013

Republic Wealth's David Levy tells the French-language news service that Wall Street was down for the day but could recover soon.  
LePoint - January 14, 2013
One of France's top financial sites reaches out to Republic Wealth portfolio manager David Levy for analysis of U.S. corporate earnings.  
PDF Daily Mail - Dec. 29, 2014
UK newspaper quotes David Levy on potential negatives including Greece, Europe, low holiday volume.
PDF Yahoo! Finance - Dec. 10, 2014
Wire story quotes David Levy on market decline, oil influence on stock prices.
PDF Breitbart - Nov. 8, 2014
David Levy remarks on positive sentiment in U.S. equity markets.
PDF Yahoo News - Oct. 3, 2014
David Levy quoted in AFP wire story on U.S. employment data, market volatility.
PDF Yahoo! News UK & Ireland - Sept 12, 2014
Wire service story quotes David Levy U.S. market anticipating Federal Reserve action.
PDF Yahoo! News - Sept. 5, 2014
David Levy quoted on market action, U.S. employment report and economic recovery.
PDF Canal de Noticia - Aug. 29, 2014
Venezuelan news channel quotes David Levy in pre-Labor Day Wall Street wrap article.
PDF Agence France-Presse - July 3, 2014
Wire service quotes David Levy in reaction to U.S. jobs report, Dow reaching 17,000.
PDF - June 17, 2014
On day before FOMC statement, David Levy quoted on Fed's market influence, macroeconomic and geopolitical news.
PDF Yahoo News - June 5, 2014
David Levy of Republic Wealth quoted on European Central Bank interest rate action, bullish activity in U.S. small cap stocks.
PDF Financial Advisor - June 1, 2014
Republic Wealth Advisors ranked #468 U.S. registered investment advisor by assets under management in national industry journal.
PDF Le Temps - May 28, 2014
French news outlet quotes David Levy on U.S. market action and lack of investor interest due to low volatility.
PDF - May 1, 2014
Kenny Landgraf quoted in monthly advisor sentiment survey.
PDF Global Post - April 25, 2014
David Levy comments on weakness in high-growth U.S. stocks.
PDF USA News - April 5, 2014
Republic Wealth portfolio manager David Levy quoted saying U.S. markets turning cautious ahead of quarterly earnings season.
PDF - April 2, 2014
David Levy comments on U.S. market action for French-language financial news site.
PDF Agence France-Presse - March 20, 2014
Republic Wealth portfolio manager quoted on Federal Reserve statement, Yellen comments, and economic indicators.  market impact.
PDF Sydney Morning Herald - March 13, 2014
David Levy comment on China and Ukraine market impact.
PDF Yahoo News - February 26, 2014
Republic Wealth portfolio manager David Levy quoted on new home sales and S&P 500 action ahead of Yellen Senate testimony.
PDF News Daily - February 6, 2014
Wire service quotes on U.S. stock market action along with fixed income trends, economy and holiday retail numbers.

PDF Dec. 30, 2015 – Newsmax
Portfolio Manager David Levy quoted on energy-driven trading in the lack of any other market-moving news.

PDF Dec. 25, 2015 – Yahoo News
David Levy comments on quiet holiday market activity.

PDF Dec. 17, 2015 – Global Post
Comments by David Levy on markets digesting both oil price declines and Federal Reserve policy uncertainty.

PDF Dec. 15, 2015 – The Nation
With markets on edge as year-end approaches, David Levy remarks on reluctance to move ahead of possible Federal Reserve policy action.

PDF Dec. 1, 2015 – Straits Times
David Levy comments on investor anticipation for jobs report and Federal Reserve rate hike expectations.

PDF Nov. 10, 2015 – Global Post
David Levy quoted on importance of retail sector to evaluating economic conditions.

PDF Nov. 5, 2015 – Daily Mail
UK newspaper site quotes David Levy saying Federal Reserve action and oil prices will likely drive stock market activity through year-end.

PDF Oct. 17, 2015 – The China Post
Taiwanese news site quotes David Levy on changing investor expectations for higher interest rates.

PDF Sept. 10, 2015 – Sky News Australia
David Levy quoted by Australian news site on see-saw market as investors shift positions in aftermath of August volatility.

Aug. 27, 2015 – IndustryWeek
Trade publication quotes David Levy on increasing volatility as Dow trades higher amid intense swings.

Aug. 24, 2015 – KCBS San Francisco
San Francisco news radio interviews David Levy on fear and investing as Dow plunges 1,000 points.

Aug. 24, 2015 – Courier-Mail
Australian newspaper ends market wrapup article with David Levy quote on market sentiment during intense selloff.

Aug. 23, 2015 –
David Levy quoted on Federal Reserve plans and impact on U.S. vs. emerging market economic forecasts.

Institutional Investor - Aug. 3, 2015
Kenny Landgraf comments on “robo-advisors” vs. human wealth managers in leading investment manager magazine. - July 24, 2015
Filipino news service quotes Republic Wealth portfolio manager David Levy on U.S. stocks, quarterly earnings, and market valuation.

Reuters - July 22, 2015
Kenny Landgraf calls for holistic financial advice in wire service story on Jefferson National advisor behavior study.

Straits Times - July 10, 2015
Leading Singapore newspaper quotes David Levy in market wrap-up story with Greek crisis and Chinese stock market in focus.

ThinkAdvisor - June 22, 2015
Kenny Landgraf says technology complements his personal practice in story on technology impacting advisor businesses. - June 3, 2015
David Levy says market waiting for important economic data including U.S. jobs report in market summary article.

Sydney Morning Herald - May 9, 2015
Australian newspaper site quotes David Levy on investor reaction to U.S. jobs data.
Yahoo! News - April 13, 2015
News service quotes David levy on corporate earnings and daily market action. - April 7, 2015
Brazilian news site quotes Kenny Landgraf from AFP wire story.
Liberation - April 7, 2015
French magazine turns to Kenny Landgraf for commentary on market seasonality, economy and corporate earnings.
Aisne Nouvelle - March 26, 2015
French news site quotes David Levy on economy, Yemen geopolitical concerns.
PDF-tiny Daily Mail - March 20, 2015
UK newspaper quotes David Levy on market reaction to Federal Reserve statement.

PDF-tiny Orange News - February 10, 2015
French news site quotes David Levy on Greece debt negotiations, U.S. dollar impact on global markets.


PDF-tiny - February 7, 2015
Australian financial web site quotes David Levy on importance of oil prices to keeping stock market on stable footing.


PDF-tiny Pulso Mundial - February 4, 2015
Panamanian news site quotes David Levy on market volatility related to oil prices and potential catalysts for next move.


PDF-tiny The New Daily - January 7, 2015
Market summary article quotes David Levy on market uncertainty, oil and interest rate volatility.

PDF-tiny ​Dec. 5, 2016 - Les Affaires
David Levy said, "We continue to see a positive momentum that makes the stock market rise slowly but surely."
PDF-tiny ​Dec. 5, 2016 - El Carabobeno
"We continue to see a positive dynamic that drives the stock market slowly but surely," summarized David Levy of Republic Wealth Advisors.
PDF-tiny Nov 22, 2016 - The Daily Mail
On future Fed rate hikes, David Levy said, "The market has priced in a rate hike almost fully in December. The question is what the Fed does beyond that and what guidance they provide."
PDF-tiny Nov 11, 2016 - The Siver Times
Commenting about election results, David Levy was quoted, “This is a particularly unexpected reaction to the Exchange (…) trying to digest the ramifications of the unexpected victory of Trump."
PDF-tiny Nov 9, 2016 - EurActive
David Levy comments on the immediate market reaction to Donald Trump's election, “Certainly a much unexpected move for the market compared to the roller coaster we’ve seen in the last 12 or 18 hours,”
PDF-tiny Oct 25, 2016 - Yahoo News
David Levy said "We're seeing an overall positive tone to earnings but we have seen some ... potential signs of caution, so investors are waiting to gather the complete picture."


PDF-tiny Oct 12, 2016 - Channel News Asia
David Levy commented, "The market is 'very cautious' on earnings after five straight quarters in which the S&P 500 reported declining profits."


PDF-tiny Oct. 10, 2016 – Yahoo News
David Levy says market is very cautious on earnings after five straight declining quarters.

PDF-tiny Sept. 10, 2016 – Perth Now
David Levy comments on prospects for upcoming central bank policy meetings.

PDF-tiny Aug. 7, 2016 – The Nation
David Levy quoted in story on U.S. monthly jobs report, growing economic confidence and upward stock price trend.

PDF-tiny July 29, 2016 – Time of India
David Levy quote on U.S. stock market being near all-time highs as strong tech earnings countered economic data.

PDF-tiny July 19, 2016 – Financial Planning
Kenny Landgraf quoted in story about investment advisor automation and the value of human advisors to high-net-worth investors.

PDF-tiny June 27, 2016 – Yahoo! News
David Levy on Brexit news forcing risk-off mentality in global markets.

PDF June 22, 2016 – Le Maghreb
David Levy quoted on market action ahead of Brexit vote (in French)

PDF June 20, 2016 –
David Levy quoted on market action as Brexit week opens (in Spanish)

PDF June 13, 2016 – El Mundo
Venezuelan business news site quotes David Levy (in Spanish)

PDF May 27, 2016 – Boursorama
David Levy quoted on Federal Reserve decision (in French)

PDF May 20, 2016 – Le Figaro
David Levy on expectations for Fed interest rate adjustment (in French)

PDF China Post – May 7, 2016
Speaking ahead of U.S. monthly jobs report, David Levy says investors want to see signs of strength in an economy that is “muddling along.”

PDF Global Post – Apr. 26, 2016
David Levy remarks on Fed expectations, saying odds of a June rate hike are “virtually zero.”

PDF Business Recorder – Apr. 6, 2016
Republic Portfolio Manager David Levy says investors in wait-and-see mode ahead of corporate earnings season.

PDF Zee News – Mar. 29, 2016
David Levy remarks on lack of meaningful data points, expectation for new Fed data in next week.

PDF FMT News – Feb. 23, 2016
Comments by David Levy on close alignment between commodity prices and financial markets.

PDF Feb. 11, 2016 – Siver Times
Republic CIO Kenny Landgraf quoted on market disappointment in Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen congressional testimony and economic conditions.

PDF Feb. 11, 2016 – Global Post
Ahead of a three-day weekend for the U.S. and Canada, David Levy says market mood remains negative with a mismatch between market expectations and the Federal Reserve’s stated policy.

PDF Jan. 22, 2016 – Yahoo! News
David Levy quoted on close connection between stabilizing oil prices and calmer equity markets.

PDF Jan. 17, 2016 – Taipei Times
Amid widespread market losses, David Levy tells Asian newspaper a global recession would likely be less damaging than the 2008 event.

PDF Jan. 12, 2016 – Global Post
David Levy quoted on technology stocks bouncing after opening the new year bearishly.

PDF-tiny ​June 25, 2017 - Normangee Star
“Obviously the big news today is the Amazon announcement of the purchase of Whole Foods which is having effects on various sectors of the market”, said David Levy portfolio manager at Republic Wealth Advisors.
PDF-tiny ​June 21, 2017 - Le
"On observe (ce mercredi) des performances très contrastées", a commenté David Levy de Republic Wealth Advisors. "Les prix du pétrole sont descendus à leur plus bas (depuis août à New York), ce qui entraîne vers le bas toutes les valeurs liés à l'énergie", a-t-il remarqué.
PDF-tiny ​June 16, 2017 - Diario de Noticias
Exceção feita a estes anúncios, "o mercado estagnou durante a sessão, [com os investidores] a analisar o comunicado e a recente conferência de imprensa da Reserva Federal" (Fed), destacou David Levy, da Republic Wealth Advisors.
PDF-tiny May 13, 2017 - The Straights Times
"Investors are trying to evaluate what the next move is as we enter the summer months and a period we want to see the economy continuing to gain steam," said David Levy, portfolio manager at Republic Wealth Advisors.
PDF-tiny April 25, 2017 - BBC News
"Markets are taking the news out of France very positively," said David Levy, US-based investor at Republic Wealth Advisors.
PDF-tiny Mar 16, 2017 - EconomiaAOMinuto
"Investors continue to assimilate what the Fed has said and what it can do now, with investors responding very well to rising benchmark interest rates."
PDF-tiny Mar 13, 2017 - Yahoo! News
"The market is expecting a rate increase," said David Levy, portfolio manager at Republic Wealth Advisors.
PDF-tiny Mar 5, 2017 - Daily Sabah
"When you look at valuations today, it's hard to see it going up eight or 10 percent unless earnings go up a lot," said David Levy, portfolio manager at Republic Wealth Advisors."On a short-term basis, the market is extremely overbought."
PDF-tiny Feb 9, 2017 - La Voix Du Nord
David Levy said, "I think this is due to the results of companies that are overall better than expected."
PDF-tiny ​Jan. 4, 2017 - Channel NewsAsia
"Overall we ended 2016 with a great deal of optimism about stocks, even though the last week of the year was somewhat on a sideways move."
PDF-tiny ​Jan. 3, 2017 - La Presse
"We're starting 2017 on a good note," said David Levy of Republic Wealth Advisors. "We can expect the positive sentiment to continue in January as investors return from the holidays."
PDF-tiny ​Jan. 3, 2017 - Yahoo News
David Levy said, "Overall we ended 2016 with a great deal of optimism about stocks, even though the last week of the year was somewhat on a sideways move."

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