Our Client Process

Our consultative approach is designed to continually fit our capabilities to your needs and objectives.
Our process seeks to help you accomplish three important objectives:

  • Understand your true financial goals
  • Create the best plan to achieve those goals
  • Continually measure progress toward your goals

The Republic Wealth consulting process helps you make smart decisions with your money.

  1. Discovery meeting – Republic Wealth will look at where you are, where you want to go, and how Republic Wealth can maximize the possibility of getting you there.
  2. Investment plan meeting – Republic Wealth will review your personalized investment plan and give you our best recommendations.
  3. Mutual commitment meeting – We jointly agree to work toward achieving your most important goals.
  4. 45-day follow-up meeting – Republic Wealth will remain prepared to answer your questions about the implementation of your investment plan.
  5. Regular progress meetings – On an ongoing basis, Republic Wealth will remain available to review your plan's progress, answer your questions, and make adjustments if your circumstances change.

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